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Art on the road is an art community meant to connect creative individuals, and offer the opportunity to share and showcase their work and abilities through a 3-4 minutes portrait video that tells their story, making their art accessible to the wider global audience to which they are otherwise unknown. Every week we will publish a new video story of an artist that we will meet in our journey.

This project runs by collaboration and support. It is founded on the idea of exchange; Art on the road support the artists by producing a free short video portrait about them and their art, and provide an online spotlight channel for the complete artist video series. Artists then can use the portrait video as they wish to market themselves and their artwork, when they promote them self they are promoting the all project and all the other artists that are part of this community.  
It took more then 2 year to understand how to present this project, trying to put ideas together, and thanks to the help of many people we finally made it.
I started in 2014 filming artists from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico. The idea is to keep traveling telling more stories and so creating more video contents for the channel/platform.

Other filmmakers are welcome to be part of the project, discovering and filming other artists stories and at the same time showing and expressing their own art.
At the same time of producing the short videos portraits, the goal is producing a Documentary that will focus more on my personal journey, and on the fact that meeting all those artists and listening their stories, will change me and my idea of being an Artist.




 About us:

Giuseppe Lo Fiego - Founder



I worked in the film Industries for about 6 years in different companies in Rome, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Sydney and San Francisco.
Most of the time I was editing commercial videos and I realized that what I was doing was not expressing my self, my creativity, my passion…
So in the 2014 I left my job, my sure income, my stability and I decided to start a journey of my own expression, telling the stories of people that make art expressing themselves. Telling their art I can practicing and showing my art (filmmaking) at the same time.
I started in Australia, New Zealand, crossed to Fiji, Hawaii and the US, down to Mexico….
The idea now is keep going South in America Latina, crossing different cultures for finding and filming as many as possible creativity people.



Lulu Contreras - Social Media




I am a Psychologist and Dancer from beautiful Mexico. Very early in my life I felt the need to live by my own rules and travel the world and very early I did something about it. My expertise since is more on being a modern nomad and spiritual seeker than anything else. I have lived, studied or worked in Mexico, U.S., Spain, Germany, and Cambodia. Two years ago I bought a Campervan and named her Shakti; in the last year she has become my full time house. Recently, Shakti has become the home of the Art on the Road Project as well, and taken us from San Francisco to Guatemala to begin this journey.



Mauro Calderone - Web Developer



As in a tipical situation, every day you switch the phase by On to Off and reverse.... but you won't never find the right path of your life until you look back on your past, and realize what you should have done correct until it was done... so, in this tipical situation you realize that the only road to follow is the wide universe in front of your sight ....great man :) you got experience, unfortunately the universe to find out is inside yourself ... so enjoy your life and embrace whatever may come.



Claudio D'Elia - Executive Producer



My name is Claudio D'Elia and I work in the audiovisual sector for about eighteen years. After completing his studies at the Institute of State for Cinematrografia and Television as a film editor I started working as an assistant editor in the circuit indipendent documentary. I have completed my training by developing a language editor purely narrative and film. Following the market led me to the television industry more ' dynamic and hysterical . For five years I worked with the company Bigberry production and postproduction . We produced purely Home Video and content for television. Here are acquired either from a directorial point of view that managerial tasks having artistic and management . My career path has led me to develop a little ' all those who are the implementation phases of an audiovisual . From the organization of the pre-production phase of recovery until the postproduzione.Conservo always been a passion for writing and film in many of the works I made are also present as an author.



Nathan Bowden - Musician



I studied a BA(hons) in Music Composition for Professional Media in Brighton, England.   After one year of freelance composition work I joined UK videogames company "KUJU Entertainment" in the music department.  I worked there for around a year and a half before realizing that I wasn't suited to the contract based, office employee work environment.  
In 2011 I left my job and my base in Brighton and started traveling, and  I haven't really spent more than a maximum of three months in any given place since.
I travel with a portable recorder, a decent mic, a laptop (armed with enough music software to confuse a small village) , a soundcard, some notebooks and a few clothes if there's any space left.  Whenever I plant myself somewhere for around two weeks or more I unpack the aformentioned ingredients and get to work producing , writing, performing and/or recording music, be it personal or for commercial purposes...
I intend to keep this lifestyle going for as long as I can get away with it....


Sergio Camalich - Blogger



I'm a Mexican web designer that got tired of the 9-5 routine.

In 2013, I decided to make a change in my life and after a year of preparation, I created The Arcae Project—a blog where I publish pictures and videos about the places I visit and write about my experiences and the life of a nomad freelancer.